About Us

“Welcome to daigenco.com – your online outlet for premium quality casual wear. We consistently remain true to our principle, that is; “Quality, not quantity “. That is why daigenco.com provides export quality garments at outlet prices.”

Est. 2021

Our Story

With many years of experience in the fashion business, and now launching our online store in 2021, We go the extra mile to create the highest-quality, Made in Pakistan clothing.

We’ve been using our signature heavyweight fabric and Pakistan Grown Cotton to craft premium-knit clothes that are tough as nails, beautiful, and planet-friendly.

Eco-Conscious Clothing

Our clothing is sustainable in three unique ways:

1) The quality and durability of our styles allow you to consume less, waste less and enjoy your Good wear threads for the years to come.

2)  We use Pakistan Grown Cotton for almost all of our shirts, or we use a unique blend of sustainable fabrics like Hemp, Bamboo, and Organic Cotton.

3)  We manufacture 100% of our clothes in Pakistan helping you reduce your carbon footprint by shopping locally.

Core Values